MLSP 2010 Competition: Mind Reading

Competition Chairs: Mikko Kurimo, Vince Calhoun, Kenneth Hild
MLSP Competition sponsored by: Nokia
Also supported by the: PASCAL2 Challenge Program

Updates: Apr. 17, 2010: The winners of the competition were announced today. See Hild_competition_mlsp2010.pdf for details on the final analysis of the 35 entries.
Apr. 6, 2010: The deadline for paper submissions was delayed, but the deadline for the competition remains April 8.
Mar. 3, 2010: The Submission Section was updated (we now allow the inclusion of one *.mat file from which the user-supplied code can read parameter values).
Feb. 8, 2010: The Awards Section was updated.
Jan. 25, 2010: The Awards Section was added.

Goal: The goal is to select/design a classifier (and any pre-processing systems, including a feature extractor) that correctly classifies EEG data into one of two classes. The winner will be the submission that maximizes the area under the ROC curve.
Eligibility: Anyone that has an interest in machine learning and that has access to Matlab®.
Registration: Registration is not required. However, if you wish to receive important updates on the competition by email then please send a request to
Deadline: Submissions must be emailed to no later than April 8, 2010.
Publication: The MLSP 2010 proceedings will include a publication, written by the competition chairs, which describes the competition and shows the comparison of the submitted methods. The committee chairs will invite up to three teams to submit a two-page summary that discusses the method they used in the competition (the mathematical notation must be consistent with the paper authored by the competition chairs). Pending approval, the invited summaries will be published in the conference proceedings. The process of selecting teams to which invitations to publish will be sent is distinct from selecting the winner of the competition. Invitations to publish will be based on both (1) utilization of machine learning principles and (2) performance in terms of area under ROC curve.
Awards: Up to two N900 high-performance mobile computers from Nokia will be awarded as prizes. The 2010 MLSP Competition Committee will distribute one award to each team or teams that they select, where the selection is based on: (1) the performance of the submitted methods and (2) the requirement that at least one member of each selected team attend the 2010 MLSP Conference. Members of the 2010 MLSP Competition Committee (and everyone belonging to any of the labs of the 2010 MLSP Competition Committee) are not eligible for this award.
Data and more details: Available on the competition page.